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TOPIC: I doesn't matter how many times you say

I doesn't matter how many times you say 4 weeks 1 day ago #1769

It made me roll my eyes every wow gold moment. It doesn't require a genius to look movies of guilds murdering Rag, and watching just how many stunt members just stood still and pressed on a ability all struggle long. No mechanisms to fret about, and no rotation, simply spam frostbolt. It is why I roll my eyes in the #NoChanges crowd, because even if they were able to release WOW Classic with literally no changes of any sort, WOW Classic still won't be exactly the same.

We did not have a decade and a half value of knowledge about ways to maximize it. So just from this alone, the same code won't create anything near the experience. Retail has a lot of problems, but I do not get the people who think raiding took skill in vanilla and then got too easy later on.WOW Classic is possibly not vanilla WoW. Tons of things are different, despite the mantra of"no modifications". WOW Classic is a Frankenstein of unique patches and worth, with a jumble of modern changes Blizz had to slap on to"fix" items they do not like, again despite"no changes".

I have had exactly the same experience with WOW Classic. I don't mind that intense min max culture is something as far as guilds are concerned, I mind the part where the mindset has trickled down to almost the playerbase of all. I was in a meh guild onto a meh waiter and ran my fair share of PUGsthen with hardly any exceptions it always seemed inescapable, like having to pretend we constantly speedrunning even if we're not. It takes the fun from WOW Classic, the effort-to-payoff ratio is just way, way off with Wow Classic players.

It's equally as prevalent in unfortunately. Constantly running dungeons with folks saying"This is how they do it in MDI!" They perform in MDI while being incapable of understanding. I doesn't matter how many times you say"No, yanking 6 packs and'simply aoe them' does not do the job " They never understand it requires cooldowns to manage the damage coming in and going out all. I love that it is a solved match. I understand what I want to do and I know how to do everything that has to be carried out. The fun comes in getting through the material more efficiently and quicker and executing the struggles. Do I want to assemble this raid to be cleared by all of world buffs? Hell no, but me with those buffs helps us clear and that is something I enjoy doing.

Out of interest, how hot are fire mages at this stage at WOW Classic? Until we discovered ignites in 13 to buy wow classic gold, they had been barely used in Vanilla. But then, we were all paranoid so everybody played frost. There is a fire attack shatter construct for aoe grinding that is super hot but none of our dps mages have swapped to complete fire as much as I know.There has been lots of danger to fire at first, especially in AQ. But the DPS was essential in Naxx there seemed to be crap and AoE. However, I guess with everyone being better and smarter than a decade back, make the switch to fire earlier and they might begin to push it.
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